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2010 – Why Phone Cases?

From the time I got my first iPhone in 2010, I was obsessed with finding the perfect cases to accessorize it. I remember going to the mall kiosks every few weeks to pick out a new case, and always found much cooler designs than I could get from any of the leading brands. Though I loved these cute designs, I ended up breaking my phone every other month because these cases didn’t offer the same level of protection that major brands did. It seemed like there were only two options: great designs that offered little protection or protective cases with generic designs.

2013 – Journey Begins

Fast forward to the summer of 2013. I had just graduated college with plans to enroll in law school, but deep down I knew it wasn’t a career that I was truly passionate about. Instead, I had a burning desire to launch a career creating something I would truly love. I finally landed on a solution to the problem I had been dealing with since 2010. I thought if I could create stylish, designer cases that were as protective as the leading brands, I would really have something special.

2016 – Opening Doors

After an exhausting 6 months of research, designing the initial products, selling everything I had to buy inventory, and preparing to turning a simple idea into a real, viable business; launched in March of 2016 from my bedroom in Amsterdam @viromo_case blew up on social media as people fell in love with these never-before-seen phone cases.

Since then, we’ve grown into an amazing, passionate team based in Amsterdam, where we work to consistently bring our fans the coolest designer phone case and accessories. We’re committed to offering a fresh selection of regular new releases with dependable quality & protection. We’re proud to share our passion with over 100,000 VIROMO customers along with dozens of retail partners worldwide.

Thanks for reading and I hope you love our cases!